Updated Donor Immunization Record Shows Impressive Accountability on Vaccines

April 24, 2014 -- The ACTION global health advocacy partnership has released an update to its Donor Immunization Record, revealing an impressive global accountability picture on child vaccines: 14 out of 17 major donors have delivered on their commitments to the GAVI Alliance, a public-private partnership working to increase access to immunizations in developing countries.

Looking towards the launch of GAVI’s next replenishment on May 20th in Brussels, the report tracks pledges made since the historic 2011 GAVI pledging conference, where the world committed an additional USD 4.3 billion to GAVI. These unprecedented pledges enabled GAVI to commit to averting 4 million future deaths by 2015.

“We should applaud the world leaders who not only made these historic commitments, but followed through to fulfill them. We can’t stop now. As we move towards GAVI’s next replenishment, we must sustain this momentum to continue our progress against preventable child deaths,” said Alison Root, Deputy Director of the ACTION Secretariat.  

Despite this generally strong accountability outlook, there is still work to be done. Japan, Australia, France, and the European Union are still on the hook to either deliver their current pledges or extend their pledges to 2015. 

"It is worrying that both France and the EU are not keeping their promise to the world's children by fulfilling their commitments to the GAVI Alliance and being ambitious enough in their support. France’s government cannot hide behind economic crises as an excuse for cutting their overseas development budget and ending programs that save children lives,” said Patrick Bertrand, Executive Director of Global Health Advocates France, an ACTION partner. “As for the EU, being the third largest foreign aid donor comes with responsibility. Scaling up support for GAVI, and ensuring it is predictable over the next year, is a bare minimum.”

Yet recent new announcements and pledges are providing encouraging momentum as GAVI enters its next replenishment period, when it will ask donors to make new commitments for 2016-2020 to continue and accelerate its efforts to ensure every child has access to life-saving vaccines. Both Sweden and the Republic of Korea recently made new pledges to GAVI, and the US has sent a positive signal of continued GAVI support in the President’s 2015 budget.

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