Advocating for Increased Investment in Childhood Nutrition

Over the last decade, 10 ACTION partners on five continents have developed a highly effective global advocacy platform to build political will and ensure increased donor and domestic commitments to address health and anti-poverty priorities.

In January 2013, the ACTION partnership launched a dynamic advocacy campaign against undernutrition, focusing efforts on the June 8th Nutrition for Growth (N4G) summit held in London, England.

In advance of the summit, ACTION partners built on existing relationships with legislators, government ministers, technical experts, and development agencies to identify baselines for nutrition investment, and opportunities for new investments. Based on this analysis and in collaboration with advocacy and technical partners around the globe, ACTION worked with civil society to develop recommendations for their respective governments’ nutrition commitments.

Partners then designed and implemented advocacy strategies that included expert advocacy tours, delegation trips to high burden countries, and strategic media campaigns. Across ACTION, partners generated 83 pieces of media, including op-eds by Rwandan Minister of Health Agnes Binagwaho and former Deputy UNICEF Executive Director Kul Chandra Gautam. In tandem with this work, ACTION played a key role in building and strengthening civil society coalitions working on nutrition advocacy in ACTION countries.

ACTION’s efforts to mobilize resources were part of a larger global campaign to ensure the N4G summit produced the concrete commitments needed to scale up the global response to undernutrition. At the summit, countries pledged $4.15 billion by 2020, with a total of $3 billion coming from ACTION targeted countries.

Going forward, ACTION’s efforts will now focus on holding governments accountable to their pledges, mobilizing increased resources, and improving policies to fight undernutrition.