ACTION calls on G7 leaders to do more to end diseases of poverty, promote universal health coverage

Washington, D.C. (Mar. 26) – ACTION global health advocacy partnership is calling on G7 leaders to invest more in efforts to eradicate tuberculosis (TB) and polio, end malnutrition, and promote universal health coverage. Citing diseases of poverty, lack of proper nutrients—particularly in the first 1000 days of life—and the inability to access proper healthcare by the world’s poorest people, as the greatest barriers to human development and global prosperity, the group is demanding action from the leaders of the world’s largest economies, meeting in Taormina, Italy, May 26–27.

"There is really no excuse for our leaders ignoring the fact that millions of people around the world suffer or die every year from diseases or conditions we know how to prevent and treat, like TB or undernutrition,” says ACTION Secretariat Director Hannah Bowen. "There are a lot of complicated issues facing the G7 leaders, but investing in health should not be controversial—it should be fundamental."

Christine Muyama, nutrition programme officer with South African-based Graça Machel Trust, agrees that more investment in nutrition is critical for developing economies especially: "The decisions we make today are critical if we are to end all forms of malnutrition by 2030. This is not just about human dignity and well-being; it is about investing in human capital to propel and sustain economic growth and lay the foundation for equity, justice and peace."

An ACTION media champion, Muyama will take her message and lived experiences from her childhood in Uganda to G7 leaders. Moved by the suffering she witnessed, she became a nutritionist to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing hunger and malnutrition. ACTION has sponsored both Muyama and Ingrid Oxley, a tuberculosis survivor from South Africa, to the G7.

In its new strategic framework, ACTION focuses on improved health and nutrition equity around the world, and signals its intention to widening and deepening its advocacy efforts, to end the burden of preventable diseases, undernutrition, and other barriers to health. Bowen says the effort will require increased investments and better policies, and developed and sustained through the leadership of governments around the world in partnership with civil society, global institutions, and the private sector, and sustained by broad political will.

ACTION is a partnership of 12 locally rooted organizations around the world that advocate together to build political will and increase investments for global health. Our partners: Æquitas (India), CITAM (Zambia), Global Health Advocates France, Global Health Advocates India, Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium, Princess of Africa Foundation (South Africa), RESULTS International Australia, RESULTS Canada, RESULTS Japan, RESULTS Educational Fund (US), RESULTS UK, and WACI Health (Kenya).


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