ACTION partner RESULTS Canada Announces Executive Director

Reposted from RESULTS Canada's website.

New executive director of RESULTS Canada, Chris Dendys, with her staff

The Board and staff of RESULTS Canada are pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Dendys as executive director. Chris has had a long affiliation with RESULTS, having served with the organization from 2006 to 2011 and returning in recent months to serve as part-time and interim ED. Her decision to rejoin in a full-time capacity is welcome, as is her commitment and enthusiasm for RESULTS' mission to create the political will to end extreme poverty. Chris' leadership, vision, skills, and commitment to RESULTS Canada and its potential for impact are well known and deeply appreciated. The Board is joined by RESULTS staff, volunteers, and partners in welcoming Chris back to the organization and wishing her every success – and all of their support – as she guides the organization forward. You can find more on Chris here.

RESULTS Canada Board of Directors

Randy Rudolph, Chair